A Recipe for Family

The word blended seems so final. Actually, the word altogether seems inaccurate to describe two families joining…

On October 30th my handsome husband, Kris, and myself took a vow. This vow was a commitment to not only each other, but one that extends to our children. Kris has two girls and a son, while I have a son and daughter (and a son named Patryk in Heaven who’s forever 5). Together we have 5 kids to care for and we both took this new role very cautiously.

Allow me to be very honest for a moment, blending families is not for the faint at heart. We have carefully and to the best of our abilities tried to balance and care for every kiddos emotional needs. That’s a huge task with five children and only two adults. My suggestion to anyone starting their journey of dating someone with children is to make sure you’re in this for the long hall. Also, know that it will get easier and less terrifying with time, I promise.

Prior to our marriage we all spent countless days together, laughing and making memories. Those late nights involved movies, hot cocoa, dance parties and possibly, a few makeovers NOT on the girls. We had a lot of fun, but we also had days where balancing all the kids emotions just wasn’t possible. Those days felt like the lid on the blender popped off for just a second making a bit of a mess. The messy days are to be expected mixing inside of a blender. With time we all improved on how to keep our lid on extra tight. 

We walked through this new life together with out instructions. We had new relationships that we never anticipated in our lifetime. The thing is, I can’t imagine my life without these people. They over time became family.

The day Kris and I sad our vows was not the day the blender instantly shut off. We will continue to blend and learn more about our new roles as a unit of one.

Recipe Instruction

Add to a blender two adults who deeply love and care for their children, and each other. Continue to nurture one another through the process, but don’t forget the laughs and the tears (it’s a part of the process). While blending hold the lid on tight and keep mixing.

We are not blended, we are forever in this blender together, a big beautiful blending family.

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