Addictive Games

ADDICTIVE GAMESSurviving living with an addict and their addictive games

Have you ever survived living with an addict? The only true way to survive such mind numbing insanity is to leave. This approach may seem harsh to those who have not walked in the shoes that I once filled, being drained to my core and unable to breathe. Living with an addict becomes an addictive game to the abuser. Unless, you become too troublesome for them to cover their addiction. Then, they might actually consider kicking their habit, of you, not the drugs or alcohol though, that’s their first and only true love.

Love is the biggest lie in the additive game they play

Realize that when someone has an extreme addictive personality, they are uncappable of healthy love. When I say addictive personality, I’m not talking about the ones who love their morning coffee or evening glass of vino. I’m talking about addicts that will sell their nieces jewelry for drugs, put their children at risk driving them to drug dealer’s homes and much worse things than most could imagine.

Choosing to support an addict keeps you in their web of games that is never ending. Think of it as being inside a game of Jumanji, you truly never know what shit storm will hit next. Then, you have these days during the addictive game that seem quite serene. Those days, I believe are the tranquil moments of the most thought-out phycological warfare. In your mind these days leave hope for better days ahead, but in the addicts mind this makes you more vulnerable to their future lies. Surely those peaceful days will become further and further apart. One might start to accept the “good moments” trying to survive the chaotic slow mental death.

The mental death is your own addictive game to quit

Yes, one can become mentally broken, or “weak minded” while in the daily presence of an addict. Sometimes bad advice can lead to further mental damage. For example, “you don’t give up on family” or “addicts need to be loved too”. This exact kind of treacherous and unthoughtful guidance is only going to weaken your mind. You’re forgetting that you matter, which is exactly what will happen over time if you fall trap to the game. I was once there so I absolutely know how difficult escaping the madness can be. My personal favorite quote is by Albert Einstein, “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” If staying with the addict is only met with more lies and substance abuse then you must remove yourself from the addictive (never ending) game.

Believe their threats it’s a huge part of the games

True addiction runs deep. An addict might try to get help, but this too can be used as a trap to keep you. While witnessing true addiction I fell trap to the lies of them “getting help”. This was only after they were caught, trying to keep me or were in trouble with the law. Temporarily, I watched the addiction they gave up manifest and progress quickly for another addiction.

Over time all of the addictions for booze, drugs, sex, pornography and fetishes became a normal part of life to the addict. I’m talking where this person couldn’t get through the day or even an hour or two (even at work) without using multiple addictions to cope. How do I know all of this? The addict did not confess, well except after I presented them with all the evidence, and they were caught in the act because I started believing what I was seeing.

Addictive games have addictive patterns

Keeps your eyes open, believe what you’re seeing over what the addict is saying. This addictive game you will only have to play if you choose. 💜 I wrote this personal post wholeheartedly as someone who deeply loved and cared for an addict.

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