Can Someone Please Tell Me Why

Can Someone please tell me why

Sometimes we just need to write it down so it can all make sense, and be reminded of the bigger picture!

Can someone please tell me, Why we have to be pushed, Pushed so far we almost give up, And out of the darkness we pull ourselves up, For the light we just saw gives us hope, Now we can never give up…

So I’m going to keep going, Push through all the fears, Give myself purpose, Remembering all the tears, The sadness will remain for the story behind, But I will find my happy ever after… I will live… Till I die…

I’m not a survivor, I’m alive, Grateful to live, Not taking advantage of this gift of life, Someone please tell me, Oh why, Can’t we all stop to remember how lucky we are to breathe…To be…Alive! Remember by caring, And always do things with heart, Never give up hope, And it’s o.k. to fall apart, Because when we are pushed to our limits we can find, A new power to show compassion, For this gift called…LIFE!

The story is to be continued, a gift in it’s self…



  1. Trina,
    Such a beautiful poem… are an inspiration to us all!

  2. Beautiful! I absolutely love this????

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