Look no further for the ultimate cereal dispenser…

The Whisking Kiddos are over the moon excited for their new cereal dispenser by Honey Can Do. This amazingly cool gadget works like a charm. Currently, I do not have a pantry (I know crazy right!?) Eventually, when I have a pantry again I will be getting a second dispenser to fill with snacks (like small cheddar crackers and granola).

Another incredible feature about this product is that it can be placed on the counter or mounted to the wall. No joke, this dispenser is industrial weight and built sturdy. The containers are plastic and easily removed for cleaning. The kiddos and I are giving this dispenser (Triple Canister Commercial Cereal Dispenser-in stainless steel) a huge thumbs up. HONEY CAN DO CEREAL DISPENSER

The Whisking Kiddos love getting their own cereal in the mornings. To make things simple and less messy when pouring milk I decided to purchase small plastic bottles (like these from amazon). That way if they spill it’s not a huge mess every where. Just remember if you purchase the bottles linked in this post they are hand wash only!

Clear Food Grade Plastic Juice Bottles with Cap

Visit HoneyCanDo.com to view all their cereal dispensers and much more…


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