Coloring Tray Centerpiece

coloring tray centerpiece

Who says this gorgeous Coloring Tray Centerpiece is just for kids…

You know that if you were sitting in front of this tray with all those pretty colored pencils and clean white paper you would be tempted to play. Well, that’s why I always have these items out and ready for use at all times. I want my kids to be inspired to create and color any time they desire. This gorgeous center piece is sitting on my kitchen table and the kids use it daily. I love the functionality and clean look of this tray, don’t you?

Who doesn’t love a gigantic bowl of colorful crayons…

Right below that big crayola (mostly) crayons bowl you have white sheets of paper. Tucked underneath the white paper is a couple of coloring books. Its always good to have a backup plan, because it’s all about options for the kiddos.

coloring tray

To mix it up with out adding color to the tray use metal, white and glass objects for filling. You want the color from all the crayons, markers and pencils to be the true star that shines.

coloring tray

Make sure to add at least two of each color marker. For some reason little one’s always want the same color at the same exact moment 😉

Our favorite markers currently are the Ikea kids markers that are pictured here.

coloring tray centerpiece

Place everything onto the white tray (via Target) so you can remove all the items easily if needed for cleaning ect…

I hope this post has inspired you to create your very own Coloring Tray Centerpiece!

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