DIY Fall Pumpkin Planters

DIY Fall Pumkin PlantersWe all do it, pondering ideas that never get executed, I’m happy I followed through on this one. Oh Pinterest, you make us all look and feel crafty, while most of the time those craft ideas never leave our Pinterest boards. I’ve been pushing myself lately to just try, to my surprise many things have worked out well. Of course there have been failed projects over the years, but no one has to see the failed attempts. Failure in crafts can also be quite entertaining and may be displayed to everyone for a good laugh. Envisioning this fall pumpkin craft I had high hopes and to my excitement it is stunningly gorgeous. This is defiantly going up onto Pinterest! I challenge everyone to push themselves and try something on your Pinterest board or a personal creation of your own. You may end up loving your new craft or recipe as much as I’m obsessing over these Fabulous Pumpkins.

Artificial white pumpkins

Gold Glitter

Modge Podge

Foam Brush

Painters Tape

That’s all  you need to make these beautiful Gold Glittered Pumpkins
DIY pumpkin

Simple enough right…

Here are the pumpkins all glittered up and ready for their finishing touches. You can also stop right here since these half white half gold pumpkins look so chic.

Or Glam up your planters by adding…

Curled wired ribbon (used glue gun to secure)

Artificial String of Leaves

redo 2

I took my entry way planters that are usually for flowers and made them into a beautiful Fall display. I can’t remember liking a fall craft more than these stunning Fall Pumpkin Planters. Using artificial pumpkins helps, you can reuse the pumpkins year after year. I Purchased the pumpkins from Micheal’s, a local craft store. Of course you could use regular pumpkins and paint them white first, then allow to dry completely before adding your glittered bottoms.

Entering this DIY Fall Pumpkin Planters to the Trick Your Pumpkin Contest from Micheal’s

Wish me luck!

Just look at those amazing Fall colors, these Fall Pumpkin Planters are beautiful, gorgeous, stunning and a perfect craft to enjoy year after year.

pumkin gold 1

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DIY Pumpkin Fall Planters

DIY Fall Pumkin Planters


  • 2 Planters
  • 2 Artificial pumpkins
  • Gold glitter
  • Modge Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • News paper, plastic cloth, etc.. (I used paper bags from the grocery store and easily poured excess glitter back in bottle as i went)
  • smaller planters, styrofoam or other items to place inside planters to prop up pumpkin
  • Glue gun
  • Wired ribbon
  • Scissors
  • 2 artificial leaf garland


  1. Lay out paper or plastic for glittering pumpkins
  2. Take painters tape and about half way up tape evenly around your pumpkin, pressing the tape into the grooves of the pumpkin
  3. Take foam brush and add modge podge glue to the bottom part of the pumpkin and add glitter as you go then more glue etc.. till bottom of pumpkin is completely covered
  4. Place pumpkins aside and allow to dry
  5. Heat up your glue gun
  6. Once pumpkins are dry take wired ribbon and cut to desired length
  7. Tie ribbon around pumpkin stem and use glue gun to secure
  8. Add an extra piece of ribbon in the center gluing under the first ribbon to hide,
  9. Curl the wired ribbon by hand
  10. Fill planters with filler (smaller planters, styrofoam or other item)
  11. Add your pumpkins to the planters
  12. Wrap leafs around the pumpkins
  13. Place at your doorstep
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