DIY Glittered Pine Cone Vase Filler

DIY Glittered Pine Cones Vase Filler

Calling all non crafters, Pine Cone Vase Filler is the DIY craft you’ve been looking for

Seriously, don’t let the simplicity of these glittered pine cones trick you, the results are stunningly beautiful. So, get out on your nature hunt and find some pine cones. Then, all you will need is a foam brush, mod podge, plastic cup, silver and gold glitter, VOILA! Arrange in a bowl or vase and marvel at how crafty you just became.

I’m thankful for my Mother collecting all these pine cones over the past years. I foolishly figured when I needed the pine cones I would just walk out my front door where there is a huge pine tree outside, but this year our tree did not produce pine cones due to an infection. Thankfully the tree can be treated in the spring, unfortunately for this winter no pine cones for me. So, when my mom started dropping hers off by the bags full I was elated. I learned my lesson the hard way and I guess I’m going to become even more like my mom after this incident. Don’t judge me too harshly when you come to my home; I open a cabinet and bags of pine cones come falling out. “Hi, my name is Trina and I am a future pine cone hoarder.” Who wouldn’t be after looking at this gorgeous DIY Glittered Pine Cone Vase Filler.

Glittered Pine Cone Vase Filler

Today was the quintessential snowy morning to take a drive. The snow did not stick to the roads but only to the trees, roof tops and grass. Driving down the street it felt as if I was living in a snow globe someone just shook up. B E A utiful!

P.S. To kill off any little bugs hiding in the pine cones bake at 200F for 30 minutes, watching closely throughout baking.

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DIY Glittered Pine Cones Vase Filler

DIY Glittered Pine Cone Vase Filler


  • Pine cones
  • Foam brush
  • plastic cups
  • Mod podge
  • Gold and silver glitter
  • paper bag or plastic for counter top
  • Vase or bowl to display
  • Baking sheet lined with foil


  1. Preheat oven to 200F
  2. Place pine cones on baking sheet and place in oven for 30 minutes to kill off any bugs, watching closely throughout to prevent scorching
  3. Allow pine cones to cool before adding glitter
  4. Lay out paper or plastic on counter top
  5. Fill cups with glitter
  6. Using foam brush add a very light coating of Mod Podge to the tips of the pine cones
  7. Roll the pine cones in the glitter and shake off excess
  8. Place on paper to dry and repeat till desired amount
  9. Fill vase or bowl with assorted silver and gold pine cones
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