DIY Magnet Board

DIY MAGNET BOARDWHY doesn’t every oil change waiting area have this hung up? This is my only question. This oil pan hung up as a magnetic board is awesome in so many ways. The drip pan is currently hanging as beautiful art on my garage wall; also a fun, safe and educational play area to deter my children from touching unwanted items. Another great idea, I’ve seen others on Pinterest use chalkboard paint on a second oil drip pan to use as a chalk board wall next to the magnetic board. For myself I opted out of the chalk board since we have a huge DIY Chalkboard Wall painted inside (Click here for tips).BOARDI could not wait to start using this board to leave messages to each other and for Maxwell to play with while battling his sissy to get in the car. The very first day we started leaving messages on the board. The first message, Have a great day and my son responded with spelling out, I LOVe U. The next day there was a number 2 added to that message 🙂 I’m sure there will be many more fun messages to read in the future as we walk out the door.DIY BOARD GARAGE

I already owned a drill, drill bit, level and a pencil so here are the materials that I purchased…

A $20.00 dollar Oil Drip Pan (purchase at Walmart, Ace hardware, Sear etc…) 

4 Screws(with anchors)

Magnetic Letters


This project cost under 30.00 

I mean how cool does this look?!
DSC_1355Current UPDATE! Maxwell loves his magnetic board still 3 weeks later and going strong. I think this was one of the simplest, least expensive and the best DIY’s yet, I just love it!

Perfect for garages, play room, bedrooms (especially a car bedroom or a child’s room to hang notes and friends pictures on!) etc…

Guess what else…

Add this to any dorm room (or any other place you don’t want it to be hung permanent) using Command Medium Picture-Hanging Strips, White, 6-Strip

3m Command (Damage Free Hanging)


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DIY Magnet Board


  • Oil Drip Pan
  • 4 Screws
  • 4 wall anchors
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Magnets
  • Optional: For easy removal hang with Command Picture Strips


  1. Special Note: The drip pan should be purchased new, but our pan had some grease on it, simple fix just take a degreaser and clean before hanging
  2. Take a drill bit slightly larger diameter than the screw and drill 4 holes
  3. Hold the drip pan on the wall where you want it and use level before placing a tiny pencil mark through each hole
  4. Take down the pan and screw in the wall anchors on the pencil marks
  5. Hold the drip pan back up and screw in place
  6. Place magnets, pictures or notes on board
  • Category: Craft/Activity


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  1. Love this idea! We use magnets to stick reminders etc to the refrigerator but having a special area like this would look so much better!

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