Don’t forget to take a…

Don't Forget to Take a...

By deep breathing you just sent oxygen to cells helping to calm your nerves, relax the muscles, lower blood pressure, strengthen lungs and heart, and improve the management of certain psychological issues.

I personally use deep breathing to help control my anxiety, which at times has been pretty severe. Yet, taking a deep breath has helped keep me sane through times I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle any more. I never understood the power of deep breathing till I actually stopped everything and started using it, the biggest challenge is remembering to breathe when the stress arises.

Times you may need to stop everything and take a deep breath

Stuck in a traffic jam

Toddler having a tantrum/child being defiant

Friend or family is telling you bad news

Before an important work meeting

Before taking an exam

During an argument with a spouse

When waking up in the morning

While in labor

Before a panic attack

Bad financial news

More benefits of deep breathing include weight loss, relaxation, aids to detox, eases pain and give mental clarity. I know what your thinking and yes, even weight loss. Click here on the link to 5 reasons why we should practice deep breathing by Denise Scarbro to learn more.

Before you go, stop now and take another Deep Breath Don't Forget To Take A...

***Remember to stop everything when stress arises and take a moment to just breathe!***

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