Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come TrueSnakes and snails and puppy dog tails, check and check! The princess I’ve been waiting for is in the making and myself, I’m on cloud nine. Still shocked too, never thought I would have that girl I’ve always dreamed of having. Happy to announce this little girls name will be Katia, a name I have loved for many years.

Princess Katia,

I feel like I’ve dreamed of you all of my life, like you were meant to be and I just have to wait a little longer till I can see your beautiful face. I love you more than words can describe. My whole life I have been practicing, as a young child with my dolls, dressing my Barbie’s, or playing pretend house with my friends all to learn how to be the perfect mom for you. I’ve had a lot of practice now with your two amazing brothers who both love you so much. One is in heaven and I’m sure has hand picked you for our family himself! Your youngest brother is in my arms anxiously awaiting your arrival. He melts my heart every time I say hug baby and he wraps his arms around my belly as if he already knows you.

I’m not sure how to be a mom to a little girl, but I promise you I’ll always do my best and love you more and more each day…

Your my dream come true and I love love love you

Love, your Mommy

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  1. Beautiful!!!

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