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Flower Pen Teachers Gift


  • Pens with a removable top
  • Green floral wrapping tape
  • Faux flowers
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Mini pail
  • Green styrofoam
  • Brown paper filler
  • Ribbon
  • Thick crafting paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Markers
  • Child’s picture


  1. Take tops off pens (I used a small flat head screw driver to help pop them off)
  2. Starting from the bottom of the pen wrap green floral tape all the way around to the top of the pen
  3. Using wire cutters cut the flower stem so that it fits into the pen
  4. Place a small amount of hot glue in the opening of pen and place flower stem into the top (Voa La!)
  5. Take ribbon and tie around pail for extra decor, use hot glue to secure
  6. Insert the green floral styrofoam into the bottom of the pail (should go just about half way up pail)
  7. Fill the pail to the top with brown paper filler
  8. Take thick craft paper and cut out a flower and one circle for the backing
  9. With wire cutter cut a stem to use as your picture holder
  10. Use double sided tape to place child’s picture in center of flower
  11. Take glue or double sided tape to adhere flower picture to the stem, use the small cut out circle for the backing
  12. Cut out your flower tag from craft paper and write cute saying “Thanks for helping me grow”
  13. Finally take your flower pens and stick them into the decorated pot followed by your flower picture stem and finish with flower tag
  • Category: Craft