Footprint Butterfly Canvas

Footprint Butterfly Canvas

O.K. Spring…You can show up now! Living in the Midwest I should be use to the crazy climate, but snow in April is just obnoxious. Until this bipolar weather decides to take a hike I will be locked in doors making spring crafts with the kiddos to adorn my home with. This Beautiful Footprint Butterfly Canvas looks gorgeous up on my kitchen wall right next to my little ones Spring Time Carrot Canvas, also stamped with their little feet.

Spring Time Carrot Canvas

Every time I’m about to make hand or footprint art I first get my supplies all together. While gathering my supplies there is one must have item to posses when involving paint and my children, that secret weapon…Baby wipes! The millisecond after that footprint or handprint in adorably and strategically planted on the canvas, I quickly wipe all the paint off my kids with the baby wipe, keeping my floors and walls mess free!

The second secret weapon I use… Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M

3m command

I used these awesome Crayola Neon Paints for the butterflies

This was another Pinterest find… Is this not a perfect gift for a new Parent or Grandparent!!! Click on picture below for direct link to the Esty store MischiefMugs for purchase!
Baby Butterfly Footprint Custom Coffee Mug

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Butterfly Canvas

FootPrint Butterfly Canvas


  • Canvas
  • Paints
  • Foam brush or paint brush
  • Permanent black marker
  • Paper/plastic paint
  • Optional:
  • Paper or plastic sheet
  • Baby wipes
  • Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M


  1. Apply two(or more) different colors of paint to your child’s foot
  2. Stamp the little ones feet on to the canvas
  3. Use baby wipes for quick and easy paint removal
  4. Set canvas aside to dry
  5. Once paint is dry use black permanent marker to draw the body for the butterfly and antennas
  6. Optional: Use Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M to hang your beautiful artwork
  • Category: Kids craft
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  1. Aleesha Rhodes

    This is adorable! I’m definitely going to be doing this with my little girl 🙂

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