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George Fourkas Produce Chicago

Whisking Mama’s honest review of GFP fresh produce delivery

Recently, The Whisking Kiddos and myself did a Facebook live unboxing of Goerge Fourkas Produce-Chicago. You can check out the video here on the Whisking Mama Facebook page.

Let me start by saying we LOVE fresh produce and go through (weekly) more then I would like to admit. Sometimes that prompts us to return to the grocery store a tad bit earlier than expected. So, when this giant box of produce arrived at my door I was ecstatic.

Who wouldn’t love fresh produce delivered the next day

After our unboxing live we immediately indulged in the peaches and nectarines pictured above. The grapes were fantastic, which we all know is a hit or miss. Later in the week we used the perfect baking potatoes to make these delectable Baked French Fries. For that beautiful pineapple, let me suggest you watch this video. Inside this live video The Whisking kiddos and I demonstrated how to use this amazing gadget pictured below…

Pineapple Slicer-Corer

Are you a foodie and in the Chicago-land area? The Whisking Kiddos and I are giving this produce box a big thumbs up. Who wouldn’t want a huge box of fresh produce delivered right to their door. Each week the items inside the box change depending on what George Fourkas can find with the highest of quality and freshness.

You can click on this link for 5 dollars off your first produce box, also to see if GFP delivers to your zip code.

GFP Delivery

This produce delivery company is exploding, so grab your fresh produce box now!

Feel free to comment back if you loved George Fourkas Produce Delivery as much as the Whisking Kiddos and myself did. Love, Whisking Mama

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