Get Naked Half Bath Canvas

Get Naked Half Bath Canvas

  Entertain your guests with this funny Bathroom Canvas

This pandemic really has us appreciating toilet paper like never before. Our lives have forever been changed when we look at this mundane household item. I found myself wanting to put a little humor back into the bathroom to help ease the worries caused by the infamous toilet paper outage.

Recently, I stumbled upon this adorable canvas bathroom sign while browsing around on This company has more wall signs then you could imagine and for every area of your home. My half bath was lacking wall displays, prompting myself to checkout the bathroom art, thus finding this humorous canvas. Life has just been over complicated the past months, this canvas art reminds me it’s o.k. to stop and laugh at the quirky little things.

Personally, I loathe hanging pictures on the wall. My go to hack when hanging up pictures is with Command picture hanging strips. This way if I screw up there is not a ton of holes every where to patch.


When life gets tough (and all the toilet paper goes missing from the world) look for ways to make yourself smile and laugh. Love, Whisking Mama

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