Halloween MUMMY Door

Halloween MUMMY Door

I’m giving you all the tips and tricks to create your very own spooky Halloween MUMMY Door!

I love holidays, but I do not always want to spend a fortune on the decor. This Halloween MUMMY Door was one of those crafts that gives a lot of bang for your buck. Using your scissors, one roll of tape, two rolls of streamers, extra large craft eyes and UGlu (or other removable adhesive for the eyes) you too can create this Spooktacular Halloween decoration.

IMPORTANT TIPS For Your Halloween Mummy Door

  • The streamers will loosen over time so stretch them as tight as possible at first (with out ripping of course)
  • Do not make this MUMMY unless you have a storm door or when it rains you’ll have huge wet paper mess. If you do not have a storm door you could make this MUMMY on a garage entry door or any closet/bedroom door in your home.
  • Cover the entire door in even straight lines overlapping about 1/3 of each streamer, working from the top of the door to the bottom. Then do a second layer crossing the streamer unevenly to give that MUMMIFIED look.

Halloween MUMMY Door

My little guy helped with handing me the pieces of tape and cutting the streamers. It was a wonderful time that we spent together making our front door into an very cool Halloween Mummy. I will definitely continue this tradition and be Mummifying our door again next year!

Halloween MUMMY Door

Don’t wait, get all the supplies together today to create your very own Halloween MUMMY Door!Β 

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Halloween MUMMY Door

Halloween MUMMY Door


  • Scissors
  • 1 roll of tape
  • 2 rolls of white streamer
  • 1 package of extra large craft eyes (can buy at craft store or use felt)
  • Removable adhesive for eyes (I use UGLU)


  1. First layer: Take your streamer and cut how much you will need to go across the door tightly and use this strip as a guide to cut the rest for the first layer
  2. Tape both ends of the streamer to the door, leaving the taped part on the side so that when the door closer the tape is hidden
  3. Second layer: Take different length pieces and make criss cross patterns to mummify your door
  4. Add a small piece of the removable adhesive to the back of the craft eyes
  5. Gently move the streamer to place the eyes onto the door (don not place on streamer it will not stay on)
  6. The next day you will notice the streamers have loosened a bit, if you pulled them tightly when adhering to door they will now have the perfect mummy look
  7. Step back and be proud of this really cool Halloween Craft πŸ™‚
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