Homemade Easter Cards

Easter Cards Look no further for the most adorable homemade Easter cards!

I think it’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed with paper roll stamps. Who wouldn’t be, it’s a free and fun craft to do with your kids. The best part you probably already own everything to get started making these ridiculously cute Easter cards. Funny story, now my son Maxwell gets overly excited every time we run out of toilet paper or paper towels. Here I have three different Easter themed stamp ideas and messages you can use to make your own Homemade Easter Cards . You could easily use any of the cute stamps to make a happy spring card as well. If you’re not making a card this is still a fun craft to create wonderful memories with your kiddos.

Homemade Easter Cards How perfect, I love this card with its adorable message inside. “Eggcited For Easter!” Just shape your paper roll into an oval to stamp out your eggs.

Homemade Easter Cards My absolute favorite! This little chick is so easy and stinking cute. I had some yellow crafting feathers that I adhered right into the yellow paint. You’ll just need one circle paper roll and one oval roll, making sure to pinch the ends of the oval to a point. Make sure your wings are placed up high like in this picture, I tried other positions and it wasn’t as cute. You could also add “Peep Peep” on the front of the picture.

Cute Stamped EHomemade Easter Cardsaster Card The same two stampers for the chick card you can use for your little bunny. Circle for the bunnies face and an oval shape pinching the ends to make your ears. Insert with marker a cute bunny face and ears for your hoppy Easter card.

These Homemade Easter Cards are guaranteed to make memories and smiles!

Stamp It Kids Art
Stamp It Kids Art
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