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Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft


  • Orange construction paper or card stock paper
  • Black and silver pipe cleaners
  • Paper roll
  • Black paint
  • Black markers
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Paper plate
  • Heavy weighted object (large glue bottle, paint bottle, phone, book etc.)


  1. Prep your legs and cut one black pipe cleaner into six smaller pieces
  2. Add black paint to your paper plate and using the paper towel roll stamp a circle towards the lower half of the paper( leave room for child’s name/Happy Halloween message)
  3. Add generous amount of glue to the back of legs and add to your spider body
  4. Use heavy object to help adhere the pipe cleaners
  5. Bend silver pipe cleaner for your web and add generous amount of glue and attach to spider
  6. Use heavy object to adhere web
  7. Note: keep heavy objects on till glue is dry
  8. Glue on two eyes inside the circle, add smile, insert Happy Halloween message the date and or child’s name
  • Category: Kids Craft/Activity