Project Mindful Mama 2017

Project Mindful Mama 2017

Official fundraising February 18th – 28th

Project Mindful Mama 2017 is here!!!

“See a need, fill a need”


When tsunamis hit we think of sending care packages, when homes burn to the ground neighbors begin collecting blankets and food for families in need. When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness we begin to think how to fund that persons dream, wish or vacation. Help is all around and that is such a beautiful thing, yet there are many areas where little or no help and support is available. This years theme for Project Mindful Mama is “See a need fill a need” from one of our families favorite movies, Robots. My entire thought process behind this Project was that there was little help for families during some of the most difficult moments they will ever face. Maybe not even the worst battle, but it’s damn near impossible to sit there and unknowingly watch your child’s health decline to a point where everything in your families life stops.

I remember that chilly spring morning, typing at my computer like it was just yesterday. My three month old baby girl napping in her swing, my rambunctious toddler running around playing happily. Then out of no where I turned away from my computer screen and saw my son on the ground having a seizure. I had never witnessed a seizure before and was petrified. With out hesitation I quickly ran to my son and frantically called 911. Later I found myself back in the very room of the same hospital where we lost our first child, little Patryk. When I finally mentioned it being “the room” out loud, the nurses quickly moved our room closer to the nurses station. I was very happy to be moved, still sitting there not caring that I was in my cloths from the day before. My hair had not been washed in three days and my teeth were never brushed, all I could focus on was my child. This moment in time is like a tsunami, burned down home, and possibly a future diagnoses of illness or terminal illness because it is an unforeseen tragedy. Handing a care bag to a family during a difficult time may leave lasting impression. It may keep them from having to ask a nurse for water or a hair tie to pull their three day greasy hair off of their face while they console their child. I feel a responsibility to fill a need, until I was in this startling situation I never realized just how badly support was and is needed.

With out our health we are poor, with out our children’s health we are broken. There is nothing worse for a parent than seeing their child’s health decline. The child needs their parent more than ever and I feel it’s our job to send support during this typically unforeseen situation. We can help and I know this care package is a great way. Project Mindful Mama is sending support to families in crisis, being mindful of the entire families needs. The snack is allergy friendly, wipes are sensitive and free of harsh chemicals. The movie is picked for a wide age range of children, playing cards offer endless possibilities to help pull a family together or simply to help pass time. One thing the parents do not need is an item they can not use, that’s why even the bag can be used to help transport things back and forth.

This project was set in place to support the families, what I did not realize is how it made the nurses feel. The feed back I received touched my heart. Those nurses said that it was so nice for a change to be able to offer support. I never thought how wonderful this must have felt for the nurses to be able to offer that bag to help. Reading that letter from the hospital was one of those moments where you realize it was all worth it. I couldn’t imagine being a nurse and having to deal with these complicated health situations involving children on a daily basis. Again, THANK YOU, to those amazing nurses out there. I’m so honored that this Project has created such a positive impact in ways I did not foresee.

“See a need fill a need” and Project Mindful Mama 2017 is attempting to fill 100 bags total. I need everyone’s help in making this years project Mindful Mama a success. Together we can provide families with support during a time that no one could imagine to endure. Fundraising begins today February 18th and runs till February 28th. This year the two Pediatric Intensive Care Units contacted and excitedly awaiting bags are Central DuPage Hospital of Winfield Illinois and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The deliveries will be some time in March 2017, date to be determined. Let’s make this the best Project Mindful Mama yet, together we can, we will, make positive changes, one act of kindness at a time.

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  1. Our fanily will provide the water bottles for both hospitals – 200 total.

  2. The Ledet Family

    Our Family will donate the 200 tooth brush and 200 tooth paste…

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