Project Mindful Mama…The Final Steps

Project Mindful Mama...The Final Steps

Pulling up to the entrance of the Women’s and Children department of Central Dupage Hospital took me back to all the times I stood there previously, not one of those times was I left with a happy memory. So, immediately when pulling up the front doors to deliver the care packages I was hit with a huge wave of emotions, I felt happy and intense grief all at once. I’m pretty sure this was a healing moment for myself, to be back under such drastically different circumstances. When I asked a staff member how many families the PEDS ICU currently had, all I could do from that moment was hold back my tears.

The woman meeting us to receive the bags was so amazingly kind and you could tell the hospital was lucky to have her there, helping. Some people just have huge hearts and to work around such devastating situations on a daily basis by choice must be so incredibly difficult. Thank you to everyone who is there when our children are in need whether it be volunteers, doctors, nurses or social workers, each and everyone of you are doing amazing work. So, back to when I asked how many families they currently had…The woman informed me, “They had a full house!” Immediately my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. Through this whole fundraiser I have felt such happiness, joy and repeatedly became overly consumed with excitement that we were getting so many donation. This meant we were going to help so many families in need. The most moving part during fundraising was receiving donations from people who were sitting with their children in that very same PEDS unit, WOW… Truly moved me! These families donated knowing just how much this Project was going to impact others and I can’t thank them enough for helping while they were in a time of crisis, awe-inspiring!

In the end, standing in the hospital lobby, all I wanted was to get the care packages out of my hands and to those families sitting upstairs, as quickly as possible. All I could do was think back to how life in the hospital with my children was such a scary and unknown time. To those families there right now, and those who received the care packages, I just wanted to let you know that very night when I was so fortunate to return home with my babies after delivering the care packages, I prayed for you all.

This little boy right here was my main helper in filling the care packages. I was so incredibly moved watching my son overly eager to help fill each bag. He put every single water bottle, movie and cereal bar box inside. That actually was a lot of work for a three year old and he said his back hurt a few times, lol more because he was mimicking my words. 😉

All filled and ready to get packed up in the cars. Since my back was out of commission, I called on some beautiful Mama’s to help carry all 50 bags to the cars.

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All these wonderful Mama’s came to help with whatever I needed and I couldn’t have been more grateful to each and everyone of you. I know you wish I had saved more work for you…so I’m welcoming you back for next years Mindful Mam’s event 🙂 but seriously…THANK YOU!

All packed and ready to go, the final step Central Dupage Hospital delivery!

I’m felling so very blessed! Thank you, to each and every person who helped with Project Mindful Mama. I hope to expand this project and am making it my mission to help families in need. My inspiration of course comes from my children, they are my strength, my everything. “Dear sweet Patryk in Heaven I felt you with me during this journey and I hope I can continue to make you proud every single day, LOVE MOMMY!” (yup I’m crying typing this) 

Due to meeting our goal of 50 care packages in February of 2016 we will be expanding next years goal(more details to come) and delivering to 2 local hospitals, Central Dupage PEDS ICU and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Next February 2017 I will start official fundraising for the second annual Project Mindful Mama, but in the mean time I will have an open donation for anyone who wishes to contribute sooner! Any contribution made will be posted on the Project Mindful Mama page.

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