Scared to blog

I was the kid in school who always received C’s for any paper that I wrote, even when trying my best. I also suffer from anxiety that is paralyzing at times to move forward in unknown territory. My anxiety is something I’ve been learning to deal with my entire life, the things I’m excited for tend to bring on the most anxiety. Anyone suffering knows that it’s not going to magically disappear one day, it’s about learning control. All I can do is learn how to handle my anxiety so that it doesn’t control me. I need to get out of my head and push through my fears. So here I am, Scared to blog, a lover of food and wanting to share. Did I mention I’m a computer dummy (stumbling through this huge learning curve).

I am ready to give my dream a shot whether I pass or fail.  So as scared as I am typing this, I’m going to hit post because I want this more than I want fear!

Trina Marie, The Whisking Mama ♡♡♡



  1. I ran across your blog looking for a Pork Tenderloin recipe. I read a little about your anxiety and about Patryk. It made me cry. Love between a special child and a mother is like no other I have ever felt. I have a 33 year old daughter and had an out of body experience when I had her at home. It changed my life and I know that you will see your little one in heaven. I believe. I hope you do too.
    I feel a connection with you and I don’t even know you. I have that anxious feeling sometimes and really wish it would just disappear, never to be felt again. It sucks!
    Take care of you and I hope that since you wrote what I read more than a year ago, you are feeling so much better.
    Blessings always,

    • Linda, Your kind words mean so much! I do believe I will see my son Patryk in heaven and that is what keeps me going on the difficult days! God Bless you and your daughter, also I hope you enjoy the recipes! 🙂

  2. I ran across your website looking for a meatball recipe of some sort and saw your post on to blog or not to blog. My husband and I are in the process of starting a blog very soon (it’s alot of work on the backside) and found this post to help. We also lost our son nearly 7 years ago- he was 33 months old. Unfortunately we share more than alot of people do. I just want to thank you for that post and I will be looking more and more on your blog.

    • Jenni, I look forward to checking your blog out as well! Good luck! It’s a lot at first, but with time gets easier and easier. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss! I’m sure your son would be proud of you today and cheering you on in your new adventure in blogging! Let’s keep making our babies proud in heaven till we see them again! ♡

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