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Spring Time Carrot Canvas

Spring Time Carrot Canvas


  • 8x10 canvas (or canvas size of choosing)
  • Orange, green and brown paint
  • Foam brush and or paint brush
  • Paper or plastic plate
  • Optional: Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M, baby wipes for easy clean up


  1. Add paint to a plastic or paper plate
  2. Paint the little ones toes green with a foam brush or paint brush and then the rest of the foot orange
  3. Firmly one time press the child’s foot onto the canvas
  4. Have your child draw with one finger green lines coming from the green stamped toes for the carrot stem (or for baby assist with this step)
  5. Using either a finger or paint brush add dirt at the bottom of your carrots making circular motions
  6. Hang on your wall to enjoy all Spring or gift to grandparents