Spring Time Stamp Art

Spring Time Stamp ArtHi, my name is Trina and I love paper roll stamp art! So much that I have pre planned out different ideas to post throughout the year, one for every season. The simplicity of this beautiful art project helps me as a busy mama of two kids to create beautiful memories with out costing me extra bucks.

Currently Maxwell is free style stamping after we just made our cute caterpillar and flower for the day. He loves this simple craft as much as I do. So while I continue to share my new stamp art creations I hope your busy enjoying these ideas with your little blessings as much as we are!

Spring is in the air and I wish you all beautiful weather and memories!!!

Spring Time Stamp Art

 Cut 1 large paper towel roll into 3 or use three toilet paper rolls

1 circle (yellow),1 rain drop by pinching a circle on one side (color of choice for peddles), 1 diamond by pinching sides as well (green)

1 paint brush to draw the green stem

Spring Time Stamp Art 

Cut paper towel roll or use two toilet paper rolls (1 for red and 1 for green)

1 black marker for legs, antennas, eyes and mouth

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