Stamp Art Summer Crabby

Stamp Art Summer Crabby

The cutest stamp art creation yet!

This simple craft will have your little one excited for summer and all the fun it brings. I don’t know about everyone else, but here in the Midwest summer is the most exciting time of year. After being enclosed in our homes trying to snuggle our babies and stay warm we can now break free feeling the warm sunshine on our skin. Allowing us not to take one hour getting little ones dressed just to run to the grocery store. No need for boots, hats, gloves and scarfs with big puffy coats anymore. We are going to embrace, no live in our flip flops even pushing it till the temperature has reached a degree that calls for boots!

Your little ones are going to enjoy making this adorable Summer Stamp Art, AKA Crabby!

Enjoy this simple craft outdoors, in the beautiful sunshine or save it for one of those rainy days.

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Stamp Art

Stamp Art Summer Crabby


  • Paper roll (toilet paper or paper towel roll)
  • White paper
  • Red paint
  • Markers
  • Craft eyes(optional)
  • Glue(optional)


  1. Dip round paper roll in red paint and stamp the body of the crab
  2. Take new paper roll or use the same one and pinch the ends creasing to make a leaf shape, pinch the crabs claws to make thinner leaf shape
  3. Stamp roll into red paint and place it next to the crab vertically first, then crossing over the first claw slightly angling
  4. Add legs with black marker
  5. Add Crabby’s smile up high in the first circle (body)
  6. Draw two little lines coming off the top of body, add craft eyes with glue or draw the eyes with black marker
  7. Insert beach scene
  • Category: Craft

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