Star Wars Birthday Party


This incredible star Wars birthday party is for ALL ages. Easily one of the coolest looking party themes I have thrown. In this article you can click on any image that will take you to the specific items to shop and throw your own unforgettable Stars Wars party.

Keep scrolling, you’re going to want to check this out…

Marshmallows have never looked cooler, am I right!? STORM TROOPER MARSHMALLOWS

Below you will find the sharpest cake topper I’ve ordered to date. You can click on the image to order you own personalized Star Wars birthday cake topper.

The birthday cake was to be simplistic with the star wars sign highlighted as the main attraction.

I ordered my sons favorite chocolate mouse cake and had them wrap the cake in a white buttercream frosting. Then placing the stars all around the sides. I was very pleased, I’m not a fan of cakes that are super busy on the eyes.

Star Wars Birthday Cake

May the s’mores be with you! Below I purchased Campfire S’mores bars from Trader Joe’s (exclusive summer item) and chopped it into mini pieces. The kids and adults loved this s’mores treat.

You can also make S’mores Kit goodie bags, purchase these cool star labels and write “May the S’mores be with you”.
May the smores be with you

Now, for this legendary Star Wars Birthday Banner no words are needed, it was the star of the show! To hang up this sign we used Scotch Indoor Mounting Tape.

Click below to personalize your own Star Wars birthday banner. Star Wars Birthday Banner

Last, but absolutely not least, we have this giant Storm Trooper balloon. The most spectacular star wars balloon you can buy. Star Wars Storm Trooper Balloon

Sincerely hoping you enjoyed viewing this Star Wars Birthday Party. The party and display table was so much fun to create. Finally, If you’re in need a black table cloth you can click on this link here.

Wishing you an epic party that will be remembered for years to come.

Love, Whisking Mama

P.S. One last awesome idea via Pinterest-CHEWBACCA BITES

Dip a large marshmallows in melted caramel and roll in Cocoa Krispies

Place them on wax paper until the caramel sets (about one minute) Voila!

Chewbacca Bites

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