Thankful Turkey Box

Thankful Turkey Box

Tickled… I’m completely tickled every time I look at my kitchen counter with this gorgeous Thankful Turkey Box, I am obsessed with it’s cuteness! I wanted to really make it extra special so I decided to use everyone’s hand for the turkey feathers and it could not have turned out any better. When finished I just stood back and smiled; proud that my idea turned out so lovely. I think my favorite part is the glittered card stock that I stumbled upon while roaming the isles of Hobby Lobby. Now that I’m thinking about it I really need to go back there and stock up on this dazzling paper since my plan is to make new hands for our turkey box every year.

I’m hoping for this to be a fun tradition the kids will love while growing up. All throughout November we will leave little notes that contain things we are thankful for and at our Thanks Giving turkey dinner we will share all of those things together as a family. A friend gave me the coolest idea, to save all the hands through out the years and create a wreath out of them one day. I can just imagine all of those hands now, as they get bigger and bigger all around the wreath, oh this makes me want to cry… if they could just stay little, right!?

You can of course use plane paper or card stock for your thankful messages, but I found this beautiful stamp set and used card stock to make our messages extra special. 

Thankful Turkey Box We all had so much fun tracing hands and creating our Turkey Box together as a family. Then into the Turkey Thankful Box went our first ever Thankful notes…

Thankful Turkey Box

Create a Family Project… Check

Gorgeous Craft to admire all November… Check Check

Started a tradition to teach my children to be thankful… Check Mate!

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Thankful Turkey Box

Thankful Turkey Box


  • Construction paper or card stock including: brown, red, orange and desired feather colors (I used orange, red, bronze and gold glittered card stock for the hands/feathers)
  • 1 Brown box, either purchase one that you love and reuse every year or paint a used tissues box, small shoe box etc…
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft eyes
  • Smaller paper or card stock for Thankful notes
  • Optional:
  • Brown paint
  • Paint brush
  • Thankful stamp and ink pad


  1. Either use a box that is already brown (I splurged and bought a beautiful textured box to be used year after year or paint one brown (an empty tissue box can be used)
  2. Trace everyone’s hands and cut them out with scissors
  3. I purchased a box with a top and placed it on the bottom so I could tuck all the hands into the bottom of box, lightly securing with double sided tape was enough
  4. If not using box top you may want to glue your hands to secure
  5. Cut out turkey body with brown paper
  6. Make beak with orange paper and turkey gobble with red paper and glue the peices onto your turkey body along with your craft eyes
  7. Take your turkey body and using double sided tape or glue adhere to the box in front of the turkey feathers (if using box top tuck the body into the box and use tape to secure)
  8. Write your first Thankful for… message and place into your Thankful Turkey Box
  9. Fill the box with thankful messages over the next few week and at Thank Giving dinner read all the things your family is thankful for
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