Thoughtful Mothers Day Gift

Thoughtful Mothers Day Gift

I wanted to create a craft that could bring tears to any mothers eyes in a happy sentimental way. Our moms loved getting our tiny hand prints as children, but to see them as adults holding our own children’s hands has to be one of the most beautiful moments that I can not wait to experience for myself. Your never guaranteed anything in life, just because I have children that does not mean I’ll have grand children, just because I want a daughter doesn’t mean I’ll have one. If either of those dreams happen I will be unbelievably grateful for them. If I ever have a daughter that makes this for me it will be the greatest gift she could ever give me!

My dear son, when your older reading this feel free to make this craft for me. I have thought of how to change it properly…..Busy being the best parent ever…….Because you showed me how! (ok, now I’m getting emotional)

This wonderful gift started out as a card which you can also do instead. Simply put your handprints on the front and write, Busy Being The Best Mom(Parent) Ever… and on the inside write, Because You Showed Me How! Love, your daughter/son

I used white construction paper and paint for the hand prints. For the black background I bought thick craft paper from Hobby Lobby because it had a true black color and was more sturdy. Using double sided tape to assemble together and using a white crayon to write the sentimental quote. You can Find a white frame at Target to complete this look and the finishing results are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier and I’m hoping when my mom see’s this she knows how much I love her and how grateful I am for all the things she has taught me!

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Mothers Day Gift

Thoughtful Mothers Day Gift


  • Crayons
  • Construction paper
  • Heavy craft paper
  • Paint
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • 8x10 Picture frame


  1. Use Construction paper and make the adults hand print
  2. Apply paint to right hand and allow to dry
  3. Apply paint to the child’s hand and place over adults dry hand print
  4. set aside
  5. Cut heavy craft paper sizing to frame
  6. Once hand prints are dry cut a square around it
  7. Tape to heavy craft paper
  8. Using crayon write quote “Busy Being The Best Mom(Parent) Ever…Because You Showed Me How!
  9. Place in frame and await Mom’s smile
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  1. This is too cute – I’m so making it for my mom and she is so going to cry….OK, and I secretly hope Anthony makes it for me with your “son adaptations” for me one day 😉

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