Together…We Did It!

2016 fundraising is a wrap!

I want to formally thank every single person who took time to help me with raising funds and collecting items. I think I have said this about 100 times, but your outpouring of generosity has completely overwhelmed my heart. From people donating their own personal cash, to buying items like the Starbucks gift cards and Tangle Jr. toys. Also a special thanks to The Facebook Group The Mommy District who started an amazon fundraiser to help fill the bags Just a few days ago SUNSTAR GUM(the children’s crayola toothbrush company) informed me that they are sending product and I’m excitedly awaiting to find out what that includes. Each and every donation has made it possible to help reach fifty families.

The Mommy District helped collect 50 toothbrushes, 50 travel toothpaste, 50 mouth wash, 49 lotions, 50 facial cleansing wipes and 42 hair brushes

These items are patiently awaiting to fill the care packages…

Let’s talk totals…

Together we raised over $1,800 dollars WOW!

We will be delivering 50 full care packages

The only modification that was made, we will have 30 of the Thirty One Tote bags and 20 bags will be bulk purchased reusable black totes.


You all have made Project Mindful Mama a success and a dream of mine come true. I can’t wait to share the rest of this amazing journey with you. Stay tuned, because there is much more to come. Next I’ll be ordering all the supplies, packing the care packages and last, but definitely not least(The best part actually) delivering the care Bags to Central Dupage Pediatric ICU!

I think it’s safe to say this dream is becoming a reality…

“Project Mindful Mama is a dream come true; I hope we can help families while being mindful of their needs and the hardships they are currently facing.” 

Finally, I want to thank my friend Alicia Francione who has dedicated herself to guiding me through this new adventure in fundraising. She helped create the check sheets and organize groups to help collect items. “You are amazing, thank you for inspiring me with your love and generosity everyday!” 

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