Waffled Cauliflower With Thyme Parmesan And Creamy Lemon Sauce

Waffled Cauliflower with Lemon Sauce

I’m currently dancing around the kitchen…K I’m done! Creating new delicious recipes gets me all excited and I love that I now have the opportunity to share this recipe with you. I wanted something healthier and different from the usual breakfast category, check and check. I wanted crisp, crunch, tang and creamy all in one bite, done! Serving these amazing cauliflower waffles with sliced tomatoes makes for a complete breakfast that has more flavor than I anticipated. You betcha, when I poured over the lemon sauce it took this creative waffle and made it a genius waffle. Not only did I feel good after eating this healthy breakfast, I burned some extra calories doing my happy dance in the kitchen.

Whether your gluten sensitive, trying to eat less carbs, searching for a healthier or new creative breakfast this Waffled Cauliflower With Thyme Parmesan And Creamy Lemon Sauce is the perfect meal. I’m confident it will impress toddlers, husbands and anyone who enjoys eating waffled foods. Also, this meal works beautifully made the night before and reheated the next morning, you can’t say that about many dishes(in my opinion)!

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Waffled Cauliflower with Thyme Parmesan and Creamy Lemon Sauce

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Waffled Cauliflower With Thyme Parmesan And Creamy Lemon Sauce


Recipe makes 3-6.5″ diameter round waffles


    • 2 1/2 cups finely chopped lightly steamed cauliflower


    1. Lemon Sauce:
    1. In small sauce pan heat olive oil over medium low heat
    1. Add garlic and cook on low/medium heat about 3 minutes
    1. Add whipping cream and boil till reduced by about a third
    1. Add Dijon, lemon juice, chicken stock, and salt and pepper to taste
    1. Simmer for 5 minute
    1. Remove from heat and add butter
    1. Cover with lid to keep warm or simmer if needed
    1. Optional: add desired amount of chopped parley right to the sauce or save to garnish waffles with
    1. Waffled Cauliflower:
    1. After you lightly steam the cauliflower for 5 minutes, finely chop and add to large bowl
    1. Add to the cauliflower the lemon zest, thyme, parmesan, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and eggs mixing well
    1. Grease your waffle maker and add about 1/3 of your waffle mixture pressing the mixture down with a fork till entire waffle maker is covered, cooking over medium/high heat
    1. Once a nice golden brown remove using a fork or tongs to lift and use a flat spatula to help transfer to a plate(waffles will easily remove)
    1. *Make sure to mix your cauliflower mixture before making each waffle because the egg will settle at the bottom of bowl
    1. Makes 3-6.5″ diameter round waffles
  1. Serve waffles with creamy lemon sauce, parsley, and sliced tomatoes(salt and pepper) along side if desired
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