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DIY Gold Glittered Vase

DIY Gold Glittered Vase


  • Glass bottles
  • Blue painters tape
  • Gloss Mog Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Gold Glitter
  • White paint (if making half white/half gold)
  • Paper/plastic (protect craft area from glue/glitter)


  1. For half white and half gold:
  2. Using white acrylic paint, paint entire bottle with foam brush
  3. Wait for the paint to dry and repeat a second coat
  4. Then leave the bottle to completely dry before taping
  5. After you tape the bottle take your Mod Podge and with foam brush cover the entire bottom of the bottle
  6. Shake or pour glitter onto the glue
  7. If you notice areas that are not sticking or do not have enough glitter simply add more Mod Podge and more glitter until you have desired coverage
  8. Set aside to dry
  9. Remove painters tape
  10. Take your glossy Mod Podge and lightly coat the gold glittered bottom to seal (special note: Mod Podge will looked cloudy when applying, but will dry clear)
  11. Gold stripped Vase:
  12. Tape out your stripes with blue painters tape
  13. Using foam brush add Mod Podge to the vase starting at the top of the bottle working your way down, pouring glitter as you go around (again any spots that seem to not have enough glitter simply take more Mod Podge and glitter to that spot)
  14. Place aside to completely dry
  15. Remove painters tape
  16. Dab a light coating of glossy Mod Podge and place aside to dry one last time (special note: Mod Podge will appear cloudy when applying, but will dry clear)
  • Category: Craft