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My name is Trina Marie, I’m a Mother to three amazing Children, two in my arms and one with his angel wings. Becoming a mom was the best thing I ever did in my life, it pushed me to take a look at my own actions. I don’t want to teach my children only by telling them how to behave in this world, I want to show them with my own behavior. I believe that starts with following your dreams and WhiskingMama.com is my dream. It started out as a small dream, wanting a place to share all my delicious recipes. I also pushed myself to open up about my grief and losing my first born son Patryk Alexander, back in 2009. What this journey has done in healing my heart I’m forever grateful for. Whisking Mama has become something much greater than I could have ever imagined.

Shortly after starting whiskingmama.com my dream began to expand and I didn’t want to be held back. There will always be negativity around you when following your dreams, but I have learned to drown out these voices. I want to focus on this new dream and I hope to inspire others to follow their heart. I believe that we should all do something with our lives that gives us hope and purpose.

I’m a foodie, Trader Joe’s obsessed, love Instant Pots, wine, pasta and my family!

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My children are the fuel that keeps me inspired to improve upon myself everyday.


Soul fueling recipes. Inspirational stories.