After the escape

After the Escape

Leaving an abuser is not always the end

You still look at me like you own me, but you never will, not again. You don’t look at me like this when they’re looking, but you are no longer in my head. You may think that I do not see through your silly games, but in the end your solo playing solitaire, have fun my never friend.

Unfortunately, we have a connection that you play on and threatened to use against me until the end. All I can do is hope for your insanity to stop, but I no longer anticipate this occurring. Walking day to day knowing that you’re driven by an evil power to fuel your selfishness. When I leaped off that carousel that never ends, I began to watch from a far a horror film that goes wrong again and again. I don’t pray for you anymore, I no longer give and give.

I pray for myself to continue to see the light with out your dark side following.


  1. You are one brave woman!!!!

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