Happy Gut Cleanse

Happy gut 28 day cleanse

Just this week I started the Happy Gut 28 day Cleanse

Keep reading to find my #1 tip to stay on track

The infamous quarantine of 2020 had me feeling bloated and in a fog, anyone else? Here is the thing, I’ve tried many fad diets and I’m not a fan. Listening to this book on amazon audible, while washing dishes in my kitchen, I found myself inspired.

This book claims to teach you how to not only heal but also repair your gut. Thus, allowing for optimal health benefits including but not limited to weight lose, increased energy and eliminate pain. This sounded like music to my ears, so I continued to listen to Dr. Pedre’s book further.

What immediately grabbed me while reading this book was the science it provided to support the 28 day cleanse. 28 days, I thought, I can do this! Then, the fact that you have so many foods you are aloud on this plan made the challenge seem less daunting. Let’s be real, many diets simply do not work. Wouldn’t having the science behind the diet help to motivate your success. In fact you’re possibly reading this very post for supportive information, am I right? By the way, click here for 2 free audible download on amazon audible, and listen for yourself. Just type in Happy Gut The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain (Also available in paperback).


There is one other major health issue driving me to heal my gut, dreadful rosacea. Just about over two year ago I was going through my divorce when my skin started to take a turn for the worst. I never had rosacea prior to this and quickly my skin disease progresses to the later stages. The amount of pain and embarrassment that goes along with this skin disorder is disheartening. Most doctors leave you with no hope since there is not a cure, only management of symptoms. Well, I did some research of my own and found that our gut heath is directly related to our skin. Thus prompting me in search for a way to heal my gut. Taking a probiotic alone wasn’t going to cut it (I needed more) and the long term antibiotics stopped working. During this challenge I promise to update you on my personal journey (Honestly, I can’t believe I’m even sharing this) with rosacea.

Here is some raw honesty about the 28 Day challenge

Alright, now for some raw truth about the happy gut cleanse, that’s what your hear for after all. Currently, I am on day 6 while typing this post. The first 3 days were rough, my body began to detox and craved my morning cup of joe, dairy, gluten, sugar and evening glass of wine. The best thing I did prior to starting this 28 day cleanse was finding an accountability partner. Luckily, I have the most amazing boyfriend who took on the challenge. Finding someone you already know and talk to on a regular basis makes it much easier to support one other. Reach out to friends, heck put out on social media that your going to take this challenge and see who wants to join. The first few days we found ourselves ache and cold-similar to very mild flu like symptoms. I had an overwhelming fog for the first 3 days. All while eating plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and lean organic proteins. This cleanse is not about depriving you body of food, it is about eliminating all the food that can be irritants to the gut. Disclaimer: I’m not scientist and I do not have any health related degree to support my personal views on this cleanse. I’m simply sharing my honest experience.

It’s day 6 and the past few days were rough but I’m feeling the fog lift and also my energy level increasing. I’m sleeping deeper at night and awaking with out dreading getting out of bed. I’m feeling good! My boyfriend on the other hand, of course he already lost 6 pounds… Due to bloating and p.m.s. this week, I’m down 1 pound (of course). I’ll check back in with that next week, as I don’t encourage daily weight checks.

Consider the first week detox week. Prepare to go easy on your body and drink plenty of water to help flush those toxins. I think we can all agree that success is not guaranteed in life, so I find it vital to prep before you start the cleanse. First, find your accountability partner to check in daily with. Next, pick a date for the 28 day cleanse and commit (check for events that may hinder your success). Last but not least, thoroughly look over the list of allowed (and not allowed) foods to make a grocery list accordingly.

After the 28 days is completed, expect further updates on the happy gut challenge. Along with the foods that I’m loving on this plan.

Stay tuned, Whisking Mama

Honest Review 28 Day Happy Gut Cleanse

Let’s get right down to it, I lost 8.5 pounds in 28 days. My skin was glowing and moisturized. Unfortunately, my rosacea was untouched from this diet. Would I do it again? Heck yes!

Next time, I will not be restricting my fruits or vegetables (other than starchy potatoes). Personally, when reintroducing these foods it caused no negative side effects. The best thing about this cleanse was it pushed me to create new healthy recipes that I’m obsessed with.

Want to know my number one snack (sometimes lunch) that helped me stay on track during this diet? The Best Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter, which was created by accident when I purchased pre roasted sunflower seeds and double roasted them. Traditionally, purchasing raw (not roasted) sunflower seeds to bake at home. For some magical reason slightly re-roasting the sunflower seeds made for a nuttier and extra creamy texture.


Finally, my boyfriend, lost well over 15 pounds and with ease. Funny, the weight seems to magically just fall right off men when starting any diet/cleanse. Slightly jealous to be honest. My ultimate conclusion, this 28 day cleanse worked to restore my mind clarity, over all energy and weight loss. This is my personal review of the Happy Gut 28 Day cleanse, I am not a health expert by any means. The typical recommendation is to consult with your physician before starting any cleanse.

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