Instead of just wishing people would be more transparent and honest, I choose to live that way. Disclosing my triumphs and tragedies in hopes to create a ripple effect of healthy candidness. With that said, a lot has changed in my life the past couple of years. I feel it is well overdue in disclosing some huge changes in my life.

I am divorced. Happily divorced.

I was going to write off men forever (at least on a long term relationship basis).

I decided no matter what, that I was done having children.

Hiding an abusive relationship is much more toxic then I realized.

You’ll find out who your real friends are through a divorce, the hardest part is learning to let go of those relationships while already suffering such despair. You will thank yourself later for it, just push through.

I was betrayed, manipulation went so deep that devastation broke the hearts of many.

I learned all about narcissist, projection, gas lighting, sociopaths and malignant narcissist. Terms that I never knew prior to exiting the life that I knew.

I was tortured, the emotional torture hurt more than anything. I almost broke, well, I think I did break a little. I refused to stay shattered and pulled myself back up.

I learned being around less of the wrong people gave time for (much needed) self care. New (healthy) relationships started to form, something that could not have happened if I stayed with my past self.

I changed in ways that I never thought possible.

Learning to let go of unhealthy relationships sounds easy right? Well, what if it is your closest friend or family member? Let me be clear, you never have to accept negative behaviors and deserve to be valued.

Let go of these phony relationships and you will allow more genuine relationships to come into your life.

I have a boyfriend. Never did I see that happening, at least not the timing.

The attempt to not get close to this person didn’t work. He is my favorite person in the world (other than my children of course) 

No we do not live together, we are not engaged. AND shocker, remember how I said I do not want more children, well he has three. I have 2, he has 3, oh the eyeballs at restaurants (like I gave birth to all five children).

Never say never, just saying.

When the butterflies started coming on I became shocked and confused. Reaching out to a trusted source was what finally broke me down to allow this new relationship to happen-they said “Oh, will you just let a good thing happen for you.” Thankful for this advice, I have never felt so loved and happy. (Sharing this part of my story to instill hope in others)

I currently work my a** off on my personal business with may look like a lot of fun (which it is)-but there is so much more work that goes into being an entrepreneur than it looks like.

My work is my passion, I believe that we all should be able to live a transparent life, connecting with one another, telling our stories to make meaningful connection.

I must say, I have made connections with some of the most kind, powerful and beautiful women these past years of my life. GRATEFUL for you all every day and I mean that ❤️

Through all of the stuff mentioned above I still need to disclose something-I fight every damn day for my children’s health and safety. Those closest to me know those fine details that I can not disclose publicly. Some times I react with poise and full of knowledge, while other times this past year the challenges have rocked me to my lowest reactions-due to an evil presence.

My faults are what remind me that I can always improve.

My message in this all-be who you are-don’t be afraid to write or speak the stuff that no one is talking about. In a world full of phonies, transparency is beautiful. Own your story, know that it’s always changing and connect with souls who can help you heal when needed.

Change is inevitable in life, find the people who supports you through it all.

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