Ghost Footprint Halloween Card

Something really odd, my mom was born on Halloween and two years later so was her sister. As small children it was not the best thing to share a birthday, but now as adults they love it and both celebrate all month long. Every time October first comes around they message each other saying “happy birth month to us!” They encourage one other to spoil themselves and do something special everyday all month long, they are too funny. With my Mom’s birthday falling on this fun holiday I have started a tradition just for her. She gets a card with this adorable little ghost footprint from her grandchildren. The same card only every year the ghost get a little bigger.

There is something about a child’s little foot or handprint that just makes you smile. I sure was smiling watching Maxwell help paint his sisters foot this year. Wonderful memories created and a perfect little footprint stamped forever on my moms card to make her smile year after year.

This card is a simple and creative way to say Happy Halloween or to give anyone with an October birthday!

Ghost Footprint Halloween Card

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Ghost Footprint Halloween Card

Ghost Footprint Halloween Card


  • Black, white and orange construction paper or card stock
  • White paint
  • Paint brush or foam brush
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or glue stick
  • Assorted colored markers and black marker (preferably a permanent marker for the eyes and mouth)
  • Optional: baby wipes for quick clean up


  1. Put white paint onto a paper plate and either dip the foot directly into the paint or paint foot using a brush
  2. Press white painted foot onto black paper and set aside to dry
  3. Fold white paper with colored orange paper inside
  4. Either using glue stick or double sided tape adhere the two colored papers
  5. Draw two black circles for the eyes and an oval for the mouth
  6. Cut out in cute pattern the ghost and adhere to the front of the card using glue stick or double sided tape
  7. Write “Boo” on the front of the card and inside write message “Happy Halloween…Love your favorite little Ghost or Ghosts”
  • Category: Kids Craft/Activity

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