Donut Grow Up Party

Donut parties are trending like crazy right now! Keep reading for all the supplies and tips to create your very own Donut Grow Up Party. 

Donut Grow Up Party

My last baby is 2…..insert me wanting to pause time and currently still crying. The theme for this party could not be more fitting with my recent emotional outburst over Katia growing up way too fast. Actually, I had no theme planed until two weeks before this party when I saw another friends post of her daughters Donut Grow Up party on Facebook and just couldn’t resist because, DONUTS!!! Predicting in the future there will be a lot more donut themed parties after finding this awesome stand from Amazon. Everything literally came together at the last minute and I could not be more pleased with the stunning results.

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Donut Grow Up PartyI preferred using a stand that would separate the donuts verses stacking the donuts to make one large donut cake. I wanted to keep the integrity of the frosting and versus smashing the donuts. Right next to the sweet donuts you have little pink boxes found at Oriental filled with the perfect pop of salty popcorn.

Donut Grow UpI always order my donuts from my favorite local donut shop, Country Donuts in Elgin, Illinois. Supporting local small business owners is something I always strive to do. Off course it doesn’t hurt that they also have the best tasting FRESH donuts!

Donut Grow UpLet me begin by saying, I am OBSESSED with this unbelievably adorable donut balloon. I mean seriously, it’s smiling at you! It’s extremely cute and available on If you’re having a Donut Grow Up Party then you absolutely need this balloon.

Donut grow up birthday treat ideas

Donut Grow Up

Big shot out to my local Whole Foods Market for making these adorable and delectable donut short bread cookies. They definitely surpassed my expectations 🙂

Donut Grow UpOf course I just could not resist ordering a Whole Foods chocolate cake with chocolate moose filling and white butter cream frosting. To top off the cake I ordered the perfect TWO sign with a donut as the O that I found on ETSY from WITHLOVEFROMANRI. This obliviously matched perfectly with the adorable DONUT GROW UP sign hung above the table.

Donut Grow UpTime to light the candles and make a wish. I hope all of Katia’s dreams come true and she just stays little as long as possible. I do not want her to grow up too fast. I get it now, I really do! Time flies and I need to enjoy all the little moments as much as I possibly can.

This year has thrown a lot of curve balls. None the less, I am blessed because this little girl is my dream come true. Being a mother to a daughter is something I have longed for. I am thankful for each and every day I get to know this little mischievous, sweet and crazy ball of love.


Donut Grow Up

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