Sparkling French Berry Lemonade

Trader Joe's Sparkling French Berry Lemonade

A special friend of mine decided to throw me a surprise Sprinkle to celebrate baby Katia. She had no idea how much this meant to me, a private event with just a few other very special girlfriends. Walking in her front door I was talking about how I had to pee so bad (Pregnant people problems!) as I heard chatter towards her kitchen I quickly realized we were not alone. I was overwhelmingly surprised in the best way possible, as I glanced into the dinning room the pink decorations and food put out were all done so beautifully, this was when I put two and two together.

This special friend of mine is very talented, she has that unique touch at making something simple look stunning, but my favorite detail of all was the mocktail she had for us that evening. I’m not usually a carbonated drink kind of girl and I don’t like sparkling grape juice either, the only bubbles I like are in my champagne. Seeing as champagne was not the appropriate drink for the evening, she bought Trader Joe’s Sparkling French Berry Lemonade. Let me tell you, it made this preggo feel special where as mocktails usually leave you disappointed and drinking too many calories in search of the alcohol that doesn’t exist.

Perfect occasions for this beautiful Sparkling French Berry Lemonade mocktail


  • Just being preggers mocktail
  • Baby showers
  • Sprinkles
  • Valentines Day
  • New Years 
  • Wedding Showers Etc…

Beautiful, refreshing and delicious is my description of this perfect mocktail. Just pour chilled beverage into champagne flutes and add a strawberry to the side of the glass. If your looking for some extra decoration you can add decorative sugar to the rims before adding the strawberry. Simply dip the top of  the glass into water then into sugar and Voila! *Not necessary if you have concerns that the sugar will mess with your lip gloss ;)

Sparkling French Berry Lemonade

Keep in mind that not everyone at the party may be drinking and this mocktail is one you can have to make everyone feel special!

Highly encouraging you to head to your local Trader Joe’s and give this delicious drink a try!

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