Final Addition Coming Soon

Final Addition Coming Soon

Where to begin…I’m Pregnant! This is the first pregnancy I didn’t jump for joy and scream it to the world the second I found out. That is because I joined a special group, one that no one ever wants to be in. I joined the many woman who have suffered a miscarriage. Not only was I hit with one emotional turmoil, but within one year I suffered two early miscarriages. Boy did that take a tole on my heart. We went through a few tests to make sure it was safe to continue to try and conceive, all the results came back great. Regardless of the positive results I made a decision to put getting pregnant on hold for a year. I wanted to take time to do something that I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the courage. Here I am and have started my own website as a food blogger. Enjoying every step being so excited and overjoyed with the fun of this project, I was in complete shock to find out one month into it I was pregnant. Wanting to be excited, but I just couldn’t. I had just started a pretty time consuming project that I was loving. Also I was scared, I couldn’t endure another miscarriage, my heart just can’t take anymore loss.

If you have noticed the recipe posts slow down a bit this has not been by choice, but because of the first trimester sickness. I have felt horrible which is a good thing and is my daily reminder that everything is going well. Praying to get a brake in the second trimester so I can get back in the groove of life and stop lounging on the couch unable to move.

This is the last child for me for many reasons. I have had a lot of health issues over the years and pregnancy doesn’t come as easily to me as it does for some women. This being my third child I can honestly say I just want to be safe and healthy for the children I have. With each pregnancy comes a lot of stress on our bodies. I want to share as much time and love with the two children I can hold in my arms. So, for me this is the finale addition.

Two children to care for, two dogs and one very busy husband is all the blessings in the world I can ask for. I’m just praying everyday that this pregnancy goes well and we have another healthy baby to love. We are currently past the point where things went wrong with the other two pregnancies. The heart beat and health of the baby is great and right on track. I’m happy, excited and nervous, but also can not wait to meet my little peanut!

I know my son Patryk is up in heaven looking down on us with excitement for his new sibling! Even though I have two children already, this will be the first time having two children at once.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little scared to care for two at the same time. I’m sure in time that will dissipate, the love and joy for watching my children interact will be the greatest gift I could ask for.

Finale Addition


  1. Diana Behnke

    What wonderful news Trina! I’m so sorry you went through those miscarriages! I also had two during my child bearing years and I know the pain and heartbreak that you went through! You have been through so much in your young life and I know it has made you the strong woman that you are today! You are going to do an amazing job having two at one time! Lol I see the love you have for all your boys and so enjoy when you share that, even if it’s only on fb! Lol I will keep you and that sweet family in my prayers! Congratulations again! Xo

  2. I’m so excited for you and your family! I wish nothing but good health. Stay positive your an an amazing women inside and out:). Hope your first trimester won’t be to bad:(. Would love to see you and possibly get together in the near future since it’s been like 10 years lol!

    • Whisking Mama

      Thank you so much Kelley!!! First trimester has been horrible, but its almost over thank gosh! It has been way to long and Congrats on your beautiful daughter Harper, love that name!

  3. Praying for your heart hurts and for a healthy pregnancy. I have really enjoyed your posts.

  4. Amazing!
    Wishing you guys all the love and support. Your family’s tribulations have impacted our family more than you may know.
    Stay strong and full of love.

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