Olaf Popcorn Cups

Olaf Popcorn Cups

A quick impromptu post that I just couldn’t resist sharing with everyone. Just the other day a few girlfriends and their little ones came by for a play date. We decided on the kids making pizza muffins and serving popcorn since it was all allergy friendly to our kids. When I saw these Olaf Popcorn Cups on Pinterest I knew it would be a perfect way to serve popcorn to our little guests. I just have a few tips before you run out and quickly make these for your holiday party or any occasion just because they are too stinking cute.

  1. Olaf has only one tooth, if you accidentally draw two teeth he will look oddly creepy and you will throw out the first 6 cups 😉
  2. You will need a black, orange and brown Sharpie marker (purchased mine from local Target)
  3. Find plastic cups with out grooves on them, I purchased mine from Whole Foods Market
  4. I love love love my air popper to make fresh popcorn, but you could also buy prepackaged popcorn if that’s easier
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Olaf Popcorn Cups


  • Popcorn seeds or prepackages pop corn
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter
  • Smooth plastic cups
  • Black, orange and brown Sharpie markers


  1. Start by drawing the mouth with one tooth
  2. Draw carrot nose with orange, eyes with black, eyebrows with brown or black(I choose black) and hair with brown to resemble sticks
  3. Either air pop(my favorite way) and add favorite toppings(butter, salt or butter,sugar and cinnamon) or fill cups with prepackaged popcorn
  4. Serve to kiddos and watch them smile 🙂
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