Apple Slices with Honey

Apple Slices with Honey

My little guy has been sick a couple of times since starting preschool this year. Simple foods like these Apple Slices with Honey are a life savor. Making apples into a beautiful flower display makes simple foods whimsical, also never fails to put a smile on my little ones face. Maxwell opts out on eating the parsley, but hey I get it, I prefer my parsley topped on Bacon Mac and Cheese too.

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We all know when our children are sick it can be challenging to get them to eat anything. This snack my son considers a fun “treat” that he can handle eating even when his throat is not feeling the greatest. I love all the health benefits the honey (great for sore throat) and cinnamon (anti inflammatory properties) provides, also can’t forget that punch of vitamin C from the apple slices. All around this is a great snack for anytime, but especially around times when the kids are not feeling their best.

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Frozen Greek Yogurt Drop are The best on a sore throat 

Plus natural probiotics to help support a healthy gut

Frozen Greek Yogurt Drops
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Apple Slices with Honey

Apple Slices with Honey Recipe


  • Apple of choice
  • Honey
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Parsley to garnish


  1. Peel apple if desired and cut in small slices for petals
  2. Lay apple slices in circle, place a very tiny bowl in center of apple slices and fill with desired amount honey
  3. Dust apple slices with cinnamon
  4. Garnish with parsley for leaf
  • Category: Kids Food
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