Spring Time Carrot Canvas

Spring Time Carrot Canvas

Easter is so early this year, does that mean Spring weather will arrive early as well!? Come on yucky Midwest winter it’s time for you to disappear. I’m impatiently awaiting stroller walks with my babies, the smell of spring air inside my home, and spring colors everywhere I look. With how cold it has been this winter socks were always covering my babies toes, when it came time for this project I finally got to see those cute little piggies out of hibernation. I’m shocked at how much my little ones feet grew in such a short time, crazy how fast time really goes by, right?

Making foot print canvas just warms my heart, and this adorable Spring Time Carrot Canvas looks gorgeous hung on my kitchen/dinning room wall. To make this simple and chic canvas first paint there toes green and the rest of the foot orange, immediately after stamping take their little finger and using green paint drag up the toes to make the carrot stem. Now get your brown paint and a brush to create your dirt for the carrots to grow. Each and every year you can redo this special project and see how much their little feet have sprouted.

Thanks to Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M I can take my Canvas Art down every season with out leaving any marks on my wall.3m command

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Spring Time Carrot Canvas

Spring Time Carrot Canvas


  • 8x10 canvas (or canvas size of choosing)
  • Orange, green and brown paint
  • Foam brush and or paint brush
  • Paper or plastic plate
  • Optional: Command Picture Hanging Strips by 3M, baby wipes for easy clean up


  1. Add paint to a plastic or paper plate
  2. Paint the little ones toes green with a foam brush or paint brush and then the rest of the foot orange
  3. Firmly one time press the child’s foot onto the canvas
  4. Have your child draw with one finger green lines coming from the green stamped toes for the carrot stem (or for baby assist with this step)
  5. Using either a finger or paint brush add dirt at the bottom of your carrots making circular motions
  6. Hang on your wall to enjoy all Spring or gift to grandparents









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